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An untapped natural source. A powerful and sustainable solution.

The Challenge

On the beautiful hillsides of Colombia is cultivated the arabica coffee bean, one of the world’s most cherished varieties.  Historically the coffee plant fruit and husk, though rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, was discarded and had become an increasing environmental threat to the 2nd most biodiverse nation on Earth. This and other factors have led to the displacement of traditional agrarian Colombian farming families.

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Naox® Derma Farm

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The Innovation

In 2008 2 Colombian entrepreneurs (our partners) first set out with the mission… to cultivate a sustainable solution that would both benefit human health through the nourishing power of the coffee fruit and provide sustained income to traditional farming families. They identified within coffee cherries a potent blend of 3 antioxidants and developed a clean, patented process to concentrate the triple antioxidants.  The method 100% maintains the fruit’s biological integrity - nothing is added or taken away. 


First an ingestible nutraceutical, we now introduce Naox® Derma – a powerful, first-of-its-kind and sustainably-produced natural triple antioxidant concentrate that delivers unprecedented protection, nourishment and rejuvenation to skin cells.

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Naox® Derma’s Source

Patented Coffee Cherry Extract

Our concentrated triple antioxidant powerhouse.

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Helps improve cell metabolism.

Caffeic Acid

Anti-inflammatory properties. 


Reduces oxidative stress and helps prevent cell damage.

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Naox® Derma outperforms leading fruits and antioxidant active ingredients – in both antioxidant measures and skin health benefit testing. Additional test results available upon request.

Antioxidant Potential

Measured Reduction in Blue Light-induced 
Damage Versus Untreated*

Urban Dust Protection

3rd Party Testing Results

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Blue Light Protection

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Measured Reduction in Urban Dust Pollution-induced Damage Versus Untreated*

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The Naox® Derma Advantage

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